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Who We Are

We are a job board for educations jobs. EnrichingEd Jobs works with Enriching Students and Enriching Teachers, tools that enable educators all over the country to manage flexible scheduling and PLCs.

What We Do

We amplify job postings and help job seekers find the enriching education job of their dreams. Our site is more than just a job board. It’s an easy way for schools to get the word out about open listings, for job seekers to connect with employers, and hosts a wide array of content about education job types, news, inspiring stories, and more. Our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook post available job listings, as well as articles from our blog to share ideas and generate interest in jobs.

How We Help With Education Jobs

More About Enriching Students and Enriching Teachers

We started building the scheduling tool, Enriching Students, for a school back in 2011. For the past decade, we have been working with schools and educators across the country to support a flexible school schedule that helps students get what they need when they need it. We believe that enrichment is essential for all students and that there should be opportunities for enriching learning experiences, as well as social-emotional and academic support, during the school day. Enriching Students helps educators manage and schedule flexible time periods to make this happen. Our recently launched tool, Enriching Teachers, helps educators at the beginning of this process. To schedule students for the enrichment and support they need, you need to be informed about those needs. That’s where meaningful staff meetings and Professional Learning Community team meetings come into play. Enriching Teachers was designed to manage staff meetings and PLC processes. Users can build teams, create meeting agendas, track goals and related tasks, and a whole lot more, all in one place. When teachers meet collaboratively to identify student needs, they can effectively schedule students to meet those needs. Our community of schools and educators has helped us make our tools even better and they have shared many positive experiences with us. EnrichingEd Jobs is part of this community, and we hope to help schools and educators find what they’re looking for!

Our Content Attracts Quality Educators, and Helps Them Find Enriching Jobs


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