Curriculum Coordinator: What is the Job Description?

Developing curriculum takes hours, months, even years. One source estimates that it can take anywhere from 6 to 25 times the time spent teaching a course to develop its content. When the goal is to give students the best education possible, it’s no wonder so much work goes into making sure the curriculum will meet their needs. But there’s even more work involved. In addition to being involved in the curriculum development process, what role does a curriculum coordinator play?

Job Description

What does a curriculum coordinator do? Well, they have the job of…coordinating the curriculum of a school. To be more specific, they are in charge of developing, organizing, and implementing the curriculum, as well as measuring its success.

This means being involved in creating the curriculum, which in and of itself is not a small task. Everything from making lesson plans, checking out new tech tools, and even working out the budget. Then, it’s helping to put that curriculum into practice, and keeping track of how it plays out. For example, are teachers being involved in the process? Are their concerns being met? Are they able to cover the material in the required time?

Some curriculum coordinators work at either elementary or secondary schools, sometimes at the district level, or within specific departments.  They work closely with teachers and administrators as they go about their day, collaborating and helping them implement the curriculum and its components, which could include new teaching practices and technology. Curriculum coordinators are often on the move and managing various projects at once.


What are some of the requirements? Most schools prefer a curriculum coordinator to have some prior teaching experience. A Bachelor’s, or preferably Master’s degree, is required. In addition, it’s often helpful to have prior teaching or administrative experience. Specific requirements may depend on the school district.

 What are the challenges?

What are some of the challenges faced by the curriculum coordinator? Well, as we’ve discussed, this is a job that requires a lot of multi-tasking. Managing each aspect of this job can be difficult, as well possibly meeting with difficulties from uncooperative staff members, perhaps resisting change or simply disagreeing with curriculum choices and implementation methods. Good interpersonal, as well as organizational skills, are extremely beneficial for this job.

What makes it interesting?

This is a job that will keep you active — mentally and otherwise. The work varies from day to day, and as discussed, includes numerous tasks, you likely won’t be doing the same thing day in and day out. And it’s a job that allows you to have an integral part in delivering meaningful content to students, making it a job that’s not only interesting, but also rewarding.

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