Inspiring Educators: Weekly Roundup 9/17/18

This week we’ve gathered a new collection of inspiring educators! Was there a teacher that made a big impact on your life? Inspired you to pursue your passions? Do you know an educator now who is doing great things? Let us know! Send us a DM on Twitter @enrichingedjobs. We hope you enjoy this week’s stories, from a skateboarding principal to a teacher who has started a unique, talented high school band. And check back in next Saturday for more stories!

At Fresno Unified School District, two teachers have made a difference in their students’ lives, helping them to see the big picture. Lisa Hamby and Sue Gularte work as co-teachers, a team that shows how their curriculum crosses and applies to the real world, fine-tuning their students’ skills and abilities, to benefit them even after they graduate. This video interviews both teacher, who describe what makes them excited to come to school every day.

Bronx Teacher of the Year, Alhassan Susso, has persevered despite physical challenges, a difficult childhood, and tragedy. Today, he is working hard to help immigrant students, and turn around his school’s graduation rate. “Using the obstacles he’s overcome and lessons he’s learned in his own life, Alhassan has changed the trajectory of students’ lives and helped them pursue their dreams,” says the City Schools Chancellor. Read more about Alhassan’s story, and what he’s doing now to help his students.

What does leadership look like? This Virginia Principal  Hamish Brewer challenges the status quo. Growing up with a difficult childhood stirred him to overcome difficulties, and be committed to giving to others. He works hard to help his students and expects them to work hard as well, with the belief that every kid can learn. “In education, all we’re doing all the time is telling kids “no.” That kid should be pushing back, like, “Why are you saying no, we’re not allowed to do this?” We’re pushing back and saying, “Why not?” says Brewer. This article features an in-depth interview with Brewer, and how he’s turned the table on traditional leadership and education.

One music teacher has inspired his students to pursue their musical talents, to the point where the very talented group will be competing at upcoming local shows. Tim Randle, of Manurewa High School In New Zealand, is the inspiration for hundreds of students. Learn more about the High School band’s curious name, Mit Eldnar in this video.

Would you take a dive into video game creation to help students apply their reading? That’s exactly what one Texas teacher is doing. Ross Gragert is a teacher at Willis High School. His students often read classic literature; but instead of having them write and act out a script to take a deeper interpretation of the story, as usual, he tried something different to enrich his students’ learning. They create video games! And they make applications to their learning that may not have been possible with other platforms. Learn how Willis does it in this story.

Ashley Mauger
Author: Ashley Mauger