Inspiring Educators: Weekly Roundup 10/8/18

We’ve rounded up a few stories about inspiring educators this week, who demonstrate how much it means when teachers truly believe in their students. We hope they inspire you! And if there are any awesome educators in your life, let us know on Twitter @enrichingedjob. Enjoy!

Madeline Todd is a teacher who believes in teaching her students important life lessons. As an elementary school teacher for 11 years, Todd has tried to help her students be the very best they can be. She motivates them, and they motivate her to be her best self as well. She enjoys teaching her students the academic foundations, but important lessons about things like equality as well. “You have to learn that you have to work hard to balance preparing a student for the ups and downs of life with what they have to know,” she says.’ Read about her outlook on teaching, and how she motivates her students.

Math teacher DeAnna Haught doesn’t give up on her students. This 7th grade teacher wasn’t always a fan of math herself, and so she strives to encourage her students and build up their confidence, which ultimately helps them academically. And her confidence in them is sincere. She says of her students “I really believe in my heart we have some amazing young kids that are going to do some phenomenal things. And I think sometimes society forgets that.” She had so much impact on one of her former students, that he says “She became like a mother figure to me, and I know I can count on her at any time.”  And that’s not all she’s accomplishing! Read more about this remarkable educator, and how she’s inspiring students.

Four teachers were recently honored for their dedication to their students at Charles County Public Schools in Maryland. Each teacher has something unique to offer — whether it’s dressing up as characters to bring literature to life, or exemplifying good leadership — but what they all have in common is hard work and that they truly care about their students. They go above and beyond teaching a curriculum, but truly bring it to life and present information in a way that is easiest for each student to grasp. This article goes in-depth into why each teacher was nominated to receive this honor, how they’re making a difference in the classroom.

Ashley Mauger
Author: Ashley Mauger