Pasco County Schools

Estimated Start Date: November 2022

Location: Hudson Academy 14540 Cobra Way Hudson, FL 34669

Specialty: Math

Grade Level: __x_ Middle School

___ High School

___ District Technical College

196 Days per year

7.5 Hours per day

Compensation Information is available .

***This position may require you to teach an additional period beyond your base contract. Should this occur, you will receive additional compensation at the effective negotiated rate (currently $5500 for a full-year) in addition to your base salary for instructing this additional period. This additional amount will be paid as a supplement and will be disbursed in equal payments based on the District’s established payroll calendar for this position. This amount is considered part of your salary for Florida Retirement System purposes.***


Responsible for organizing and implementing an instructional program for the academic program students in the regular classroom setting and meeting the duties of teaching as outlined in laws and policies.


  • Bachelor’s degree


  • Applicants must have a valid teaching certificate or current Statement of Eligibility issued by FLDOE. Recent college graduates may apply without having either document, but will be required to apply for initial certification prior to being offered a position.

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Notification of Nondiscrimination: The District School Board of Pasco County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, or age in its programs, services, and activities or in its hiring and employment practices.

Job Title : Math Teacher 7th Grade ( 2022 2023)

Primary Location : HUDSON ACADEMY

Salary Range : Please see our Salary Schedule at

Shift Type : Full-Time

Pasco County Schools

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