Dallas Independent School District

  • Prepare all related program budgets and monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
  • Design, implement, monitor, support, communicate, and continuously improve K-12 education
  • Work closely with School Leadership and Academic Improvement and Accountability Division staff in creating, coordinating and presenting professional development
  • Assist in the implementation of professional development for faculty and staff
  • Assist with campus visits focusing on instruction to facilitate the implementation of all instructional programs, services, resources, and tools
  • Assist campus leadership in the identification of career pathways and programs, instructional activities, and current effective teaching practices to ensure continuous improvement in academic achievement of students
  • Manage and monitor the higher education partnerships and campus relationships, and board documents
  • Manage and monitor the industry partners and campus relationships, and board documents
  • Assist with contract processes that include monitoring contract compliance and implementation, if applicable
  • Assist in mentoring other campus staff in performing their responsibilities by providing ongoing capacity building and managing their workflow to accomplish assigned tasks
  • Evaluate the work products of programs and make suggestions and corrections, as needed, to meet the standards of the department in the areas of curriculum resources and professional development
  • Develop project plans then assign and monitor work streams to achieve the goals of the department
  • Work closely with the director and/or the executive director to manage departmental initiatives
  • At the request of the director, represent the department at meetings with community partners, executive directors, assistant superintendents, and deputy chiefs
  • Stay informed of legislative updates and district initiatives
  • Perform all other tasks and duties as assigned
  • All federally funded incumbents of this position must comply with time and effort reporting requirements through personnel activity reports or periodic certification, as appropriate (if statement is applicable)


  • Bachelor’s degree in education, Master’s degree preferred
  • Five years of directly related experience, management experience, curriculum development and professional development experience
  • Demonstrated strategic and operational planning skills
  • Demonstrated excellent computer skills, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Power Point
  • Demonstrated administrative ability to manage staff and resources
  • Demonstrated exemplary skills in presentation, designing, planning, implementing, and monitoring projects/programs in accordance with specified guidelines and policies

Dallas Independent School District

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