Inspiring Educators: Weekly Roundup 8/31/18

All around the country, there are teachers who go above and beyond, inspiring their students, other educators, and those in the community. These are educators who are truly making a difference.  Below are just a few of our finds this week.

Rocky River Elementary School Art teacher Darrian Barnette is making her school a more beautiful place! At the school’s ‘Beautification Day’, before its opening, she began painting inspirations quotes, and designs, on the school walls…and bathroom stalls. Read more.

Tampa elementary school Sheena Howell teacher came up with a creative way to help her students learn how to read. While listening to the hit ‘Boo’d Up,’ it sparked the idea for her and her students to write a song of their own, ‘Book’d Up.’ Hear the song and Read more.

This story shows the power of a teacher’s connection with a student, and the lengths that teachers will go to support their students…sometimes even when they’re not their students anymore. LaShonda Carter is a teacher who came to the aid of a former student need. “Sometimes as a teacher, our job goes beyond the classroom,” she says. Read more.

Alejandro Diasgranados spent the past two years getting his master’s degree at John’s Hopkins University, but that’s not all. He did this while teaching full time at Aiton Elementary School in Washington D.C. The support and enthusiasm of his students kept him going, and as a way to say thank you, he arranged for them to attend his graduation. Read more.

We hope these stories brighten up your week. Teachers work hard, and we appreciate what they do every day. Share the positivity!

Ashley Mauger
Author: Ashley Mauger