Inspiring Educators: Weekly Roundup 4/22/19

We’ve rounded up another selection of teachers that inspire us. From a teacher who is dedicated to her students’ mental health, to a principal whose experience is worth learning from, we hope you’ll enjoy this roundup. Are you an educator? Who inspires you? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook @enrichingedjobs.

One teacher has recently created a buzz for her mental health check-in chart she created for her classroom. Erin Castillo is an English and peer counseling teacher at  John F. Kennedy High School in Fremont, California. Her check-in chart has a range of emotional well being, from ‘I’m great’ to ‘I’m in a really dark place.’ Each student that walks into class is encouraged to take a sticky note, write their name on the back, and place it in the chart where it best fits their current emotional state. Read more about Castillos idea, see her chart, and learn how she follows up with students who may be struggling.

Lyn Bair, principal of Bridges High School in Colorado shared her rewarding moments, challenges in her career, and how she helps often overlooked students in a recent interview. She takes notice of her students, and believes that people need to be given “the right to adjust the course of their life, or perhaps be given the opportunity to start that life over.” Principal Bair believes she can provide that opportunity at her school. Read her words of wisdom, and some of her most rewarding moments in this interview.

While most often we focus on how inspiring teachers are, this video shows the power teachers can have when they express how their students inspire them. Watch as a teacher tells her student why she believes in her in this clip from a Houston Country Georgia school.

A teacher who has recently been recognized as one of the best in New Mexico inspires her students every day. But to her, it was her students who really helped her. After losing her newborn, she wasn’t sure she could go on as a teacher. The support of those she worked with, and her fulfilling job teaching young children and sharing in their lives really helped her. Watch the video as Brittany Behenna-Griffith explains what has gotten her through tough times, and why she loves her job and students so much.

Ashley Mauger
Author: Ashley Mauger