Inspiring Educators: Weekly Roundup 10/15/18

Are you an educator? If so, be assured that your hard work is worth it, you matter to your students! This week’s stories focus on teachers whose dedication is far-reaching, who work harder than perhaps they should have to, and who extend their efforts to help young people beyond classroom walls. And their students notice! We hope you enjoy reading about these amazing educators, and gain some inspiration yourself! And if there are any educators in your own life whose stories you’d like to share, let us know! Send us a direct message @enrichingedjobs. Share the positivity!

Teachers often go above and beyond what’s expected of them in the classroom. This is certainly true of Ezra Carelse, a primary school teacher in South Africa. A student of his relates how she lost her home, and Carelse helped them get food, and things she needed for school, all out of his own pocket. In addition to this, he inspired her not to give up, to keep persevering despite these difficulties. Now, Carelse is being rewarded, among other outstanding South African educators. Read about the program, and how these inspired students are praising teachers.

Does art impact students? According to one Brooklyn school, the answer is yes! One public high school in Brooklyn has covered its walls in art murals, some student-painted, and some painted by a local artist. These works brighten up and inspire students inside the school, and have even extended down broadway. Much of the art it meaningful and has social and historical significance, art that makes you think. Tom Gleisner, who was a former teacher at the high school, came up with the idea, helping to inspire kids and connect them to the community. What do the students think? Gleisner shares, “here, the students are thinking that they have the coolest school around.” And it goes beyond that, Principal Shawn Brown shares that “when you look at when the art started to now, suspensions went down, attendance went up, and graduation rates changed.” Whether or not this is solely connected to the addition of art is hard to say, but it’s certainly having a positive impact on students. Take a look at some of the incredible art pieces, and get the whole story.

The day in the life of any teacher can be a source of inspiration. The hard work and constant push that goes into teaching isn’t for everyone. Middle school teacher Amber Bell keeps going when she thinks about how she can make a difference in her students’ lives. Her 10+ hour workday includes an early morning workout session, teaching three classes, planning, monitoring lunch, teaching an after-school class, and doesn’t stop when she gets home, when it’s time for her to grade papers. And that’s not everything! IBut its moments when her students make her proud, when she can see that she’s helping them, that keep her going. This article follows Bell’s schedule for a day, and shows what it’s like to teach today.How do you get the attention of students who may find it hard to put down their phones? This teacher has begun using memes to grade students’ papers — and they love it! But while it may be good for laughs, is it actually helping students in any way? According to this teacher, yes! She says, “Students who normally wouldn’t care actually asked if they could correct their tests for a better grade & had a good laugh (especially because) they always show me memes.” Check out how she does it, as well as some of the feedback she’s gotten.

Ashley Mauger
Author: Ashley Mauger