Inspiring Educators: Weekly Roundup 10/1/18

Teachers truly do affect their students’ lives for years to come. In this week’s roundup of inspiring educators, we find teachers who view their students as family, who believe in their potential, and whose patience and encouragement spurred their students on to do amazing things. If you’re an educator, we hope these stories will give you a boost! And if you know of any inspiring educators in your own life, let us know.

Jaime Mosqueda started out as a teacher’s aide, but his love of music led to him using songs to teach. Now he is a dual-language elementary school teacher, helping children to learn and feel loved. Mosqueda recently lost his daughter, and part of his comfort is that he feels his students are like family. Read more about his passion for teaching, and family.

Utah school superintendent Jerre Holmes has kicked off a program aimed at making connections with students and helping to meet their social and emotional needs. I SWEAR (inspire students with empowering adult relationships), is helping kids deal with depression, anxiety, and more. The whole staff has gotten involved in helping students. One teacher shares, “The power behind it is kids know that we care about them.” Learn more about this inspiring and effective program.

This hardworking physical education teacher makes it a goal to be there for her students. Bailey Beeson teaches in Alaska, and her love for sports and the outdoors began at a young age. She credits her teachers with helping her to reach her full potential and they inspired her to become a teacher herself. “I want to be an adult that students can look up to and be there for,” she says. Read more about her passion for teaching, and future goals as an educator.

What impact can a teacher have? Professional soccer player Ian Wright shares his story in this video. His teacher was the one person in his life that encouraged him, taught him to work hard and be kind. His moving story shows how strong a bond really can be between a student and teacher, and the impact teachers can have for years to come.

Ashley Mauger
Author: Ashley Mauger